Learn How To Talk To Your Baby In Their First Language – Touch

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Our workshops are held on a on-demand basis and are currently being run on Tuesdays at the Gold Coast.

We run 2 one and a half hour sessions, over 2 consecutive weeks.

Session Starts: 10:00am

Afternoon Session available on a demand basis

Why You Should Attend An Infant Massage Workshop

Regular skin to skin contact with your baby is an essential part of your child’s brain functions and emotional development.  Right from the very start, you can play a major part in shaping her social skills and more importantly her connection with you by learning how to use touch effectively.

We want to make you become the massage expert for your child
When you attend our Infant Massage Workshop, you will learn all the techniques we use in our regular classes, but you will also be learning to become a massage expert so that you can continue to strengthen the bond between you both, long after your workshop has ended.

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Phone: 0422 607 873
Email: info@sweetdreamsinfantmassage.com.au