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Discover How To Create A Loving Bond To Last A Lifetime

Infant Massage uses your baby’s first language to communicate your love and to secure a loving attachment between you both

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Sweet Dreams Infant Massage Sleeping Baby

Leave with a Sleeping Baby?

Our workshops offer a safe, warm and supportive environment where you learn Infant Massage techniques to help you soothe your baby and develop a deeper loving bond between you both.

The gentle way we pass on our Infant Massage techniques in our sessions means we often have sleepy time even when baby may have been restless a few moments before.

So after spending time with us you will be able to leave with a settled and sometimes sleeping baby, but more importantly you will have the knowledge to continue your special time with your child when you get home.

If this is something that you would like to explore with your baby then Sweet Dreams Infant Massage can help…

How We Work And What We Want To Achieve
With You

At Sweet Dreams Infant Massage, we like to help you and baby share precious bonding moments long after you have left our clinic, so we follow a 3 step process to help make this happen…




First we get to know you and your baby and answer your questions about us and how we can help you…

Next, we invite you to either a group class, or a 1 on 1 session if you prefer, where we introduce you and baby to massage using simple techniques…

Then we continue to develop the bond between you both and focus on getting you comfortable with infant massage so that you can continue at home.

You may not need an instruction manual to cuddle your baby, but touch is a powerful way to connect with someone, let us show you how you can use it to communicate with your new child…

Why Touch Is So Important For Your Baby’s Development

Develop A Bond With Your New Baby

Touch is the most powerful form of communication between two people and in babies it is known to promote good health and reduce colic and indigestion.

Infant massage can help with your baby’s first lessons in communication, helping to strengthen neural pathways and form an understanding of love, trust and affection even before your new baby mouths her first words.

When you become a new parent , you want to give your children the best start to their life, just as much as our parents wanted for us.

One gift that you can give your baby is the knowledge that they are loved, they are valued, respected and they are listened to.

Through the art of Infant Massage you can communicate your love to your baby and ease your baby’s transition from the safe and secure environment of the womb to the new sights and sounds of the outside world.

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Bonding with your baby through the power of touch will help cement a loving relationship between you both.

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